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Getting Around In Heaven  (# 274)

A psychologist, social worker, and psychiatrist on their way to a mental health conference died in a car crash and were met by God at the pearly gates. God asked the psychologist if he'd ever been unfaithful to his wife. He said, "Yes, for quite a few years I carried on multiple affairs." God said he would allow him into heaven, but for transportation he would have to use a bicycle. God then asked the social worker the same question, and she said, " I was unfaithful only once ." God said that she would be given a Volkswagen beetle for transportation in heaven. When God asked the psychiatrist if he'd been faithful, he answered, " Yes, I was completely faithful to my wife." God told him he would be given a golden limousine for transportation.

After some time in heaven, the psychologist and social worker found the psychiatrist on a bench crying profusely. They said," Why are you crying? You were given the ideal mode of transportation." The psychiatrist replied, " Yes, but I just saw my wife here, and she's getting around on roller skates!"

Submitted by: R.H., Parsons, KS

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