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Pavarotti And Domingo  (# 215)

It is said that behind the friendly appearance of both Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo there exists a great and mutual hatred of one for the other. Chance led to their meeting at JFK Airport where they unavoidably crossed paths. The following conversation is said to have taken place: L.Pavarotti.:"How are you Placido, it's been a long time?" P.Domingo.:"Excellent Luciano. I'm coming from a concert in the Scala of Milan. The theater was packed and my performance was truly fabulous. I was honored with 35 encore requests. A statue of the Virgin Mary to the right of the stage cried. And how are your concerts going?" L.Pavarotti:"Placido, you can't imagine what my concert was like here in beautiful New York City. I sang as I've never sung before, and to a full opera house,... arias, canzonnettas. With each piece the audience applauded louder and louder. I had 62 encore requests, and at the end an incredible thing happened. Jesus freed himself from a life- size crucifix that was located at the edge of the stage. As he came over to give me a hug, he said,'You truly sing beautifully, not like that other dumb son of a bitch who made Mom cry'".

Submitted by: R.H., Parsons, KS

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